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If you want the smoothest ride on your skateboard, you must make sure that your wheels can operate well and of course, your bearings must be in perfect condition. Some skateboarders never clean their skateboard bearings and only replace them once these parts are broken.

However, skateboarders should build the habit to clean and maintain all the components every two months or even every month if they skateboard regularly. Although skateboard bearings do not cost as much as other parts such as the deck, wheels, or trucks, skaters still need to learn how to maintain them in order to have the best experience.


In today’s post, I would like to show you a quick way to get yourself a DIY-bearing cleaning kit. In case you are interested in making other DIY parts or accessories in skateboarding, don’t hesitate to check out several tutorials at SkateAdvisors.


Although a kit to properly clean your bearings only costs around $15, making one is more interesting and environment friendly since you may reuse some of your household waste. Basically, you only need 12 to 16 empty bottles of all kinds, a pen, scissors, and of course, the necessary time.

Besides these items that can be easily found around your house, you need to purchase other things such as O-ring, spacers, bolt, rod, nut, and a special kind of washer. After getting all of these components, you are now able to build the first DIY cleaning kit.


Before moving to the main part about the detailed tutorial to make the kit, I would like to emphasize some important points during the maintenance process with bearings. If you are a pro skater and have a lot of knowledge about this part, you can move on to the next section. Otherwise, readers have to take a look at this section so they can have a big picture of what should be done.

First of all, skaters are free to use any cleaning solution such as rubbing alcohol, lemon juice, or carburetor for cleaning up the bearings. However, not all cases of soaking the bearings into cleaning liquid are necessary so you have to consider the situation very carefully.

For instance, with clean bearings that have little visible dirt, a paper towel or old cloth is all it takes to get the dirt out. On the other hand, dirty bearings need to be soaked in special cleaning solutions for a couple of minutes before being rinsed under running water.

The common mistake that many riders have made at SkateAdvisors is that they accidentally damage the rubber cap by using sharp objects like a screwdriver, a razor blade, or a paper clip. Moreover, not many people have the habit of drying the bearings completely after cleaning or riding in wet conditions; therefore, they can easily become rusty.

Finally, I just want to remind you that bearings have to spin quite fast so remember to lubricate them well with skateboard lubricants. In case your bearings are rusty and can not spin properly, I highly suggest you replace them instead of cleaning since the cleaning procedure is only capable of getting the dirt off.


By following the steps below, you will be able to make a decent kit to properly clean your bearings with the common items I listed above.

    Step 1: We shall begin with the bottle cap by drilling a small hole on it. This hole is used to accommodate your bolts and you may want to use the scissors to do this step.
    Step 2: Do you remember about the O-ring in the preparation step? This part will be brought to the end of the bolt and skaters can easily find the O-ring at any home repair store.
    Step 3: This step is quite simple since all you have to do is put the bolt into the socket.
    Step 4: Now take the ¼ nuts and put them on the cover plate. If you experience some difficulties during screwing it in place, you probably do it wrong. If you haven’t known about different types of nuts in a skateboard, I think you should check out the construction of skateboards at SkateAdvisors before moving on to avoid unnecessary mistakes, read about skateadvisors on pinterest.
    Step 5: Take a hand saw, a sharp knife, scissors, or whatever that you can use to cut the spacer. If you find that the cuts are too sharp and can lead to injuries, use sandpapers to remove these sharp edges.
    Step 6: what’s left are the eight bearings which are now put on the bolt and the process will be finished by puting the wing nut at the end.

With just some simple steps and a little preparation above, all skateboarders are able to create a useful bearing cleaning kit.
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Добрый день.

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